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How to Resurface a Tennis court

I Hope you enjoy this video, it shows a quick overview of the steps required to resurface a Tennis Court.

Mail us if you have questions.

This took us about 3 days to complete, but we did resurface 2 courts at the same time, you could get it done faster, but you need to allow time for the paint to cure and properly. Please check with your Paint manufacturer for details. (at least 4 hours between each coat)

Step 1: Clean and Prep the court

1) Clean the court with a pressure washer and remove all the mud and loose dirt.
2) Use a Paint Scrapper or Putty knife and clean all the cracks and loose paint.
3) Brush off any fine sand or dust with a fine broom.

Step 2: Fill in the Cracks and Apply the Primer

1) Generally, you will have to fill in the deep cracks and holes with an Acrylic Filler or putty, check with your supplier but the ratio is generally 50% Silica Sand and 50% Paint. Once filled allow to dry complete and scrap off the excess layers, ensuring that it surface is level and smooth, you might need to use a course grade sandpaper to smoothen it out.
2) Get your tools ready to apply the primer, mix as directed by the manufacturer. Generally, 75% paint to 25% Silica sand.
a) You will need a 4-inch paint brush
b) A tough rubber squeegee should be about 32” to 36” wide
c) Drop cloth
d) Some Tar paper at least 24” wide
e) Masking tape
f) Four 5 gallon buckets (2 for mixing and 2 for trucking the paint across)
g) Electric Paint mixer (basically a drill machine with a long mixing bit)
h) Chalk Line
3) Align and tape the tar paper on the outside of the court, we did not need to do it at our place, but you might need to at your location.
4) Mix the primer and sand very well (essential) this should be a pretty thick paste, so that you fill in all the crack and smoothen the surface.
5) Use the primer and pour it in a thick line across one side and then use the rubber squeegee to run it across the paint in a thick line, make sure your lines are straight, don’t be afraid to run over the same area twice, incase you miss a spot or need to get your line straight . *Note always keep enough paint along the edge so that it does not dry out.
6) Squeegee the entire court, use the brush to smoothen out any spots that have extra paint/primer.
7) Allow to dry, once dry scan the court for any rough patches, use the paint scraper and sand paper and smoothen the spots.

Step 3: Apply the Paint

1) Again, prepare the paint as per the manufacturer details, generally you need 2 coats of paint. The ratio is about 60% paint and 40% Silica Sand for the first coat. MIX WELL
2) Make sure that the you take the tar paper and masking tape and outline the outside edge of the court, separating the outside area and the inner area. (I am presuming that you are painting this in 2 colors)
3) Use the same technique as you did for the Primer, make sure the line is straight and don’t forget to keep the edge of the paint lines wet!!!
4) Same thing applies here, make sure that you brush over the access paint and smoothen any patches. Allow to dry, and scrape the surface for extra paint and sand as required.
5) Now apply the 2nd coat of paint, the ratio of this should be more paint and less sand 80% Paint to 20% silica sand. Once done allow to dry completely.
6) Now transfer the tar paper to cover the outer area and clean the inner area and apply the same 2 coats of paint as done on the outside.
*Note, you should expect some paint bits and debris as you start painting get someone to walk along with the painter and pick out the little bits of paint and debris.

** Note 2, don’t worry if you paint over some of the tar paper, make sure use the paper to overlap the paint on all the edges.

Step 4: Lines and Clean up

1) After all the paint has dried and take out the tar paper and masking tape.
2) Outline the edges of the court, use the chalk line, mark the center of the line, leaving about 1” on each side of the center, then mark out the outside of the line.
3) Use the masking tape to outline the lines, and apply the line paint, at least 2 coats.

Voilà all done… Enjoy the Court.

Thanks to all the people that helped us get this task done, the video and Omkar paints, Pune for supplying the paint.

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