Tourist Places Around Panchgani – 5 interesting places very few know about!

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Panchgani, a hill-station situated in the state of Maharashtra is a preferred option for spending summers, especially for people staying in nearby cities such as Pune and Mumbai, owing to the proximity. Ask a local guide about tourist places around Panchgani that must not be missed and he will certainly mention spots such as Table Land, Sydney Point, Devil’s Kitchen and Parsi Point. These are indeed a great sight, however there are some other locations too, which are equally spectacular and not yet discovered by many. Every week We will list a Place which is not so famous but is a must visit if  you are an offtrack traveler. We are covering off-track places that are not that well known yet offer breathtaking views for those who love such places. We will add one new place every week to  Tourist places around Panchgani  – 

Off-Track Place number 1.

The Krishnadevi Mandir:

Goddess krishna temple
Krishna devi mandir

One of the most serene and beautiful places in Panchgani, the Krishnadevi Mandir is a very beautiful rock temple. Marginalized due to the more popular Panchganga and Mahabaleshwar Temples, this temple is often overlooked in preference to the others. The Archaeological Survey of India has demarcated this as a protected monument. This means that the nearby areas cannot be commercially exploited, thus restricting all the shops and hawkers that crowd around the other temples. This has proved to be a boon in disguise as the vicinity of the temple remains uncluttered and retains its serenity.

Constructed 300 years ago, the name Krishnadevi was given in reference to the river Krishna. The temple offers an extremely beautiful view of the Krishna valley, below. This temple was built by a family of Brahmans known as Anagala who were based in Satara. The construction is given a theater-like appearance with one side having the temple and the other two sides enclosing the temple courtyard.

The North Side of the temple is the most important aspect of this Mandir. It has 5 orifices from which water flows out. These are said to be the origins of the Five Rivers; Krishna, Koyna, Yenna, Gayatri and Savitri. These rivers flow individually for a short span and then converge into one stream. The stream comes out of a cow’s mouth (Gaumukh). The cow is supposed to be one of the holiest animals in Hindu beliefs and hence it has been used as the symbol of origin for these rivers.

The combined stream is collected in a holy tank, which is used by worshippers to take a dip in. Two important rivers, Bhagirathi and Saraswati, also flow along the side of this tank and add to the sanctity of the place. The main water tank spills into another smaller tank, and the water then flows off to form the starting point of the various rivers that are the main source of water supply for the huge land mass and population in Maharashtra. Fortunately, remaining free from commercialization, not many people come here and it usually remains a clean and pure tank of water. (Hopefully you too will maintain its cleanliness by avoiding indulging in any bathing or swimming activities there).

This place is for people who enjoy silence, peace and calm. A few minutes of meditation or even just sitting in the enclosure for a few minutes will give you tremendous peace. Ensure that you take water and eatables, as you will not find anything in its vicinity. Trekking shoes should be ideally worn, especially in the rains as the rocky steps can become slippery to navigate.

Once again, we request you to maintain cleanliness and not litter the place with garbage, so that generations to come can enjoy this beautiful temple. The whole concept of monuments and temples revolves around treasuring the true gifts of nature, like water and rivers, by giving them the status of a God as they give life to the world. Hence, whatever belief systems you belong to, just for this wonderful philosophy we should try and treasure such monuments.

We hope you enjoy this exquisite place and that you will share your amazing memories with us through your photos and comments.

Off-Track Place number 2.

Menavali Wada:

Menavli wada shown in Bol-bacchan
Bol-bacchan shoot at Menavli wada

Menavali is a village in Wai. ‘Wada’ is a Marathi word which means mansion. Menavali Wada was constructed by Nana Fadnavis, a Maratha statesman belonging to the Peshwa era. It was created on the banks of the river Krishna in 1780’s. He built the royal mansion together with 2 temples, one devoted to Lord Shiva and the other to Lord Vishnu.

Formerly, simple stone steps sliding into a river, the ghats developed in a complex arrangement of terraces having independent areas for various activities like washing, bathing, filling water, conducting religious rites, etc. Temples were customarily made on ghats.

The Peshwa period saw excellent architectural arrangements of a Wada-like residence, ghat on a water body along with a temple. Menavali Wada is among those rare spots where such a combination is conserved intact.

Now under the care of Nana’s progeny, the Wada is in fairly good shape. You must see this colossal house which has all the trademarks of a classic Wada of ancient times. When you go down the steps and turn right, you can see a breath-taking sight of the mighty Pandavgad fort at a distance.

Numerous Bollywood movies have been filmed here. An ancient tree having a huge trunk and a platform built around it is present since the time the Wada was made. The tree was shown in Swades, a popular Bollywood movie. Other films that have shot certain scenes with this place as the backdrop include Gangajal, Bol Bachchan, etc. and the upcoming SRK starrer Chennai Express.

Whether you are a history buff, admirer of intricate monuments, religious person, etc. these places in and around Panchgani will capture your attention for sure.

Off-Track Place number 3.

Raireshwar for Maratha History Admirers:

Raireshwar temple

If you are patriotic, grew up on Shivaji tales and are looking for tourist places around Pune, then Raireshwar should be your first stop. It is a town in Bhor taluka of Pune. This place has a 16th century temple in which Shivaji took the crucial ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ vow at 16 years of age, which marked an important event in the history of Maharashtra.

Inside this shrine, you can see a large painting of Shivaji with his friends. Positioned between beautiful hills and forts, the temple is located on a plateau that blossoms with lovely flowers during monsoon, making it the ideal time for visiting. You can go camping too as the villagers help in lodging and food. Don’t forget to eat delicious bhakri with buttermilk, typical Maharashtrian fare.

You may also like to stopover at Jiva Mahale Ghoda Maidan, named after Jiva Mahale, a soldier serving in Shivaji’s army. He played a major role in defeating Afzal Khan and moreover considered to be an important reason why Shivaji could survive the battle. The ground seems to have turned into a horse training base since then.

Off-Track Place number 4.


Fort in Panchgani
kamalgadh fort Panchgani

It is a fort located in Wai. Owing to its altitude of over 4,500 feet above sea level, one can view a magnificent aerial sight of the Dhom dam, dense forests and lush green plant life. It is even believed to have an underground route to Pratapgad, a popular tourist destination.

Reaching Kamalgad is simple. Once you reach Wai, you can hire a car that will take you to a temple. From there, you need to trek for a short distance to reach the fort.  A local folktale is attached to this spot. It appears that a wedding group mysteriously vanished from that place and was later transformed into 3 hills.

The largest hill known as ‘Navra’ which means husband, the smaller one called ‘Navri’ meaning wife and the third termed as ‘Karavali’ denoting the wife’s younger sister who stays for a few days at her sister’s matrimonial house after the wedding. The Ravine Hotel in Panchgani offers an exquisite view of all these hills.

  Off-Track Place number 5.
Wai – The Town of Temples:

Wai village of temples
Dholya Ganpati temple

Located on the banks of Krishna river which has 7 ghats, Wai is a city in the district of Satara in Maharashtra. The beautiful town has many temples dedicated to different Hindu deities. One of them is the Dholya Ganpati temple situated along the river. This prime temple was constructed by Raja Bhoja of the Shilahar Empire in 1762 to guard the city.

Carved out of monolith, the Ganpati idol was sanctified in 1769. The name Dholya (huge or fat in Marathi) signifies the massive size of the Ganpati idol, which is about 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The temple also has a spacious hall in the front.

Another temple that Ganpati devotees must visit in Wai is the Dhundi Vinayak Mandir. It is around 900 years old and was popular during the reign of Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire. The temple is made from hard stone, whereas the self-created Ganpati statue is around 90cms tall. When a wedding takes place, the idol is worshiped first, before the other rituals.

Those living in Pune can conveniently drive down on any weekend to Wai since Pune to Satara takes less than 2 hours and another 1 hour to reach Wai. From Panchgani, you can reach this divine temple city in just 20 minutes.

The perfect road trip – list of places to visit during Monsoon in India

Monsoon is the most awaited season for everybody in India. It brings respite from the heat and most importantly, it is a significant period for farmers to grow their crops. Rains also serve as a wonderful excuse to undertake short leisure holidays to nearby places. So take out your car, bike or catch a local bus to one of this places

Monsoon in India:

Monsoon in Maharashtra
Western Ghats

The monsoon season in India generally begins from mid-June and lasts till September. During this season, one can also visit the rain forests. You can spot varied types of animals and birds in such forests, including endangered species such as clouded leopard, Indian bison, hornbills, etc.

Rain forests in India are located in the Assam valley, the lower regions in the states of Meghalaya, Mizoram, in addition to the Western Ghats. They play a vital role in stabilizing the climate, maintaining the water cycle and generating large amounts of rainfall.

Rains Begin Early in Maharashtra:

Rains in Maharashtra
Maharashtra in monsoon

In some states such as Maharashtra, monsoon may commence from the first week of June itself. Whether you are staying in the capital city of Mumbai or in other cities like Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, etc. the entire state of Maharashtra in monsoon is a delight to visit.

People staying in Mumbai, regarded as the most populous city in the nation often take breaks during this season. These leisure trips are easy to plan, since the city enjoys close proximity to some wonderful hill-stations, which can be reached in a span of 3-4 hours by road.

If you are planning a sojourn and looking for fun places to visit in monsoon, here’s a peep into some locations that will provide you the much-needed change from your routine life:


bhandardara in rains
places to visit in monsoon

Around 4 hours away from Mumbai, Bandardhara is popular for its lakes, dams and waterfalls. Water discharged from the dam forms several rivulets running down the part that is situated at the base of the dam.

You can take a nice walk along the lake shore and enjoy the scenic view with greenery all around. Avid trekkers can try climbing up the 400 year old Ratnagad Fort.





Lonavala is amongst the most highly visited monsoon places in Maharashtra. Stationed between Mumbai and Pune, Mumbai residents can take the super-fast expressway and reach this spot in less than 3 hours. Once the rains descend, Lonavala turns lush with greenery, an added enjoment over the lovely chilly weather.

Popular tourist spots include Tiger’s Point, Bhushi Dam, Rajmachi Point, Duke’s Nose and Tungarli Lake, etc.

Mahabaleshwar / Panchgani:

panchgani in momsoon
amazing panchgani

A hill-station situated in the Western Ghats, you can reach Panchgani in just 5 hours from Mumbai. It is not just a perfect honeymoon spot but several families also travel to this place during monsoons. Don’t miss the Venna Lake, a major sightseeing attraction. Trees surround this picturesque lake from all sides.

Another scenic wonder in Panchgani is the Lingmala waterfalls, which is a marvelous sight for sore eyes. Water descends from the top of a steep cliff and drops right into the Venna Lake. The glittering water falling down from an unbelievable height of 600 feet transcends you to a completely different world.

You can opt for a boat ride, go horse-riding and then relish the local food offered by tiny eateries near the lake. Situated at an altitude of 4500 feet over sea level. Table-Land is a famous tourist attraction in this vacationer’s paradise enfolded by hills.

Tourists seeking budget hotels options in Panchgani should have a look at the Ravine hotel, which provides top-class accommodation at reasonable tariffs. The rooms of the hotel offer spectacular views of the beautiful valley and the mountains.

Instead of sitting by your window and gazing at the rains, pack a few clothes, take your car keys or rent a car and visit Panchgani for a thoroughly enjoyable experience this monsoon. Don’t forget your camera to capture the special rainy moments forever!

Live map updates of Paragliding in pune – panchgani

Are you a Paragliding lover who loves to fly but doesn’t have any idea if the place you selected to enjoy your passion of flying is safe of not??

To help you and other enthusiasts seeking to fly, we have attached the paragliding map shown above.
• It will help you select the location from where you want to fly.
• You can also refer to Wind Speeds, Directions, Altitude, clouds and all such important parameters simultaneously.
• Confirm if the spot you selected to fly from is favorable or not. You can also check live updates of your paragliding spot easily with this map.

Quick tips about this map

• Yellow Smile:)   Site is favorable to fly.
• Red Sad Face:(   Site conditions are currently not favorable for flying.
• Silver ? mark  ?  Current info is not available for that place as local station has not updated its weather report.
• Blue  balloons:    A safe landing place.

We are sure that this map will be helpful to you in your paragliding flights in and around Pune and Panchgani area when you visit us, or even wherever you are located or plan to paraglide!

Budget Birthday Party for Girls

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Whether your daughter is turning 1 or 18, as parents you always want to make sure that every birthday of your precious girl is cherished. However, making these events memorable doesn’t necessarily mean spending loads of money. Birthday parties can be a hit even if you have a tight budget to stick to.

Right from the initial stage of selecting a venue, sending out birthday invitations, to the food, decor  etc. given below are some amazing birthday party ideas for girls which are economical yet classy:

Choosing a Location:
Deciding on a venue is a prime task and moreover daunting too, since venues come at a high price. What if you were aware of some cool places available free of cost? Take a good look at these free birthday party venues which are apt for all age groups:

  • Your own house, lawn or backyard is a great option for hosting parties.
  • Homes of relatives or close friends.
  • If you are member of a club that has a pool, you can throw a neat pool party with sufficient supervision.
  • Public parks are a favored spot by several families looking to hold birthday bashes. You can put up tents or place tables for a nominal fee.
  • Beach or lake with a picturesque view.

You can also look at beautiful places such as Ravine Hotel, which will indeed charge you certain amounts for your party but then they give you that fantastic party venue that will never be forgotten.

Decide an Apt Theme & Create Invites:
Although you’ll find a plethora of themes, it’s best to select one as per what your little girl’s likes. Work on a cartoon based theme if she’s a 5 year old Disney lover or a pop-star idea for teenage girls who are Beyoncé or Rihanna fans.
In case you wish to surprise her, listed below are some birthday themes for girls that are popular:

  • Princess themed celebration is a wonderful option. You can make a tiara with crystals to add to the birthday costume worn by your girl. Pastel colored cutlery is easily available and can be used later too.
  • Art and craft themes are inexpensive and a hit too wherein kids can make sketches and take them home. You may also reward the child with the best painting.
  • If you are organizing a party at the park, a Tinkerbell or woodland fairy theme would be a unique option.
  • Make sure all the activities such as games are centered on the theme that you choose. Don’t forget to play some peppy music to liven up the atmosphere.

Next up are the birthday invitations which need to be designed as per the selected theme. Do-it-yourself (DIY) invites are a big rage currently. They allow you to be innovative by giving your party an individual style and furthermore, cost lesser than standard invitations available in stores.

Take the help of family members, neighbors or friends to create them. Also, send them out at least 10-15 days in advance so that you know the number of people coming and accordingly make necessary preparations.

Cake and Food Arrangements:
Try making a cake yourself instead of ordering an expensive one from a cake shop. With so many food blogs, you are sure to get numerous tips and ideas on baking. Ensure that you sprinkle loads of candies and other edible decorations on top to make it look visually appealing.
Don’t fuss too much over the food. It’s more about enjoying the party and making her feel special. Keep it simple with some appetizers like nachos, hot-dogs  sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, nuggets with dips, pizzas, etc. which are easy to cook and low on expenses. Fresh fruit concoctions are quick to make and serve as great drinks. As for desserts, you already have the lip-smacking cake!
Birthdays are special occasions to shower all the love and attention on your daughter. And with these terrific yet cost-effective ideas for birthday parties, your princess will certainly cherish all her celebrations that make her a year older.

A Special Note
The Ravine Hotel Panchgani serves as a great venue for both outdoor terrace parties as well as indoor parties. The location is beautiful and overlooks the Dhom Dam valley, making your choice of party venue and instant hit with both the kids as well as their parents. Inquire about our rates today and we shall make you a good deal.

Tennis tournaments 2013

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Time for Kids to Gear Up for the Panchgani Tennis Tournament

With the French Open slated to begin on May 26 this year, tennis lovers of all ages will be glued to their television sets. But before this major tennis tournament commences, there is another event involving this exciting sport that is going to be held at the Ravine hotel, Panchgani and is exclusively meant for kids less than 14 years of age.

Tennis – A popular game since 1880s:

It was the British who introduced this sport to India around the 1880s and since then it has gained immense popularity. Tennis in India enjoys a large following and moreover players from our country have achieved worldwide recognition and won prestigious grand slams such as Wimbledon, Australian Open, etc.

Individuals who are keen to learn tennis as a hobby or pursue it as a career can make use of the tennis clubs in different cities across India. These associations have tennis courts inside their premises where you can practice the sport. Although most clubs require you to enroll as members and pay a fee, there are a few clubs that let you engage in the game for free.

Be a Part of the Tennis Game at Ravine hotel:

This resort is a preferred option for individuals keen on a summer retreat but few are aware of the fact that this hotel, overlooking the beautiful valleys of Panchgani, is one of the rare hotels with tennis courts in India, offering state-of-the-art facilities.

Ravine hotel is organizing a Super Series Tennis Tournament along with the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association (MSLTA) for children below 14 years. The 5-day event gives youngsters an opportunity to exhibit their talent and win prizes galore. Families accompanying the kids can cheer for them whilst appreciating the breath-taking view of the valley.

Affiliation with MSLTA:

Ravine Hotel is associated with the esteemed MSLTA. This organization, based out of Mumbai is the sole governing federation concerning tennis and conducts major tennis tournaments across Maharashtra, of state, national and global ranking.

Apart from developing and propagating the sport, they also have their own training facilities and organize coaching camps at the centre. Officials of the hotel and MSLTA ensure that the games played in the contest are on a fair basis and in accordance with the rules.

Earmark these Dates in your Calendar:

The Super Series Tennis Tournament will begin with qualifying sign-in games starting from 3rd May from 12-2 pm. They will be followed by a main draw sign-in held on 4th and 5th May respectively. The main draw matches shall commence from 6th May onwards. The contest will end on 10th May. All the matches shall be played at the Ravine hotel tennis courts.

Make your bookings in advance to avoid any unnecessary hassles. And don’t forget to check in from the social media application Foursquare from your cell phone when you reach. This simple process which barely takes a minute entitles you to some cool gifts and special offers.

For teens, there couldn’t be a better way of spending their summer vacations. They can participate in the event as well as stay at the Ravine hotel with their family to enjoy the wonderful hospitality it provides.

Parents should also encourage their children to take part in such competitions, which help to hone their skills. Who knows, one of them could turn out to be the next Mahesh Bhupathi or Sania Mirza representing India at international levels and making the nation proud!

It’s a Bright Red Valentine At Ravine Hotel This Year!

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When the eyes meet eyes and a heart meets a heart, red-hot love is sure to bloom. Bring in your love to celebrate this meeting of hearts and eyes at Ravine Hotel. 

Valentine’s Day is the day of emotions, the day of love, the day of romance!!! Valentine’s Day does not mean just having a dinner together. It is a day to celebrate love, to enjoy being in love and to express your love. It may not be possible for those busy in the hustling bustling city life to actually do all this for their love as the big cities rarely give the opportunity to just forget the rest of the world.

So, the Ravine Hotel has come up with an idea to give an opportunity to these couples to celebrate the day. A Valentine’s Day event for all lovers is being held at the Ravine Hotel in Panchgani. Needless to say, it will be celebrated on the 14th of February. The event is aptly called ‘ Simply To Be With You!’

Ravine Hotel, one of the best hotels in Panchgani, is a very convenient location for couples in Pune and Mumbai. It is only 20 km from Mahabaleshwar. It is a truly peaceful and lovable part of the world, away from everyday noise, stress and pollution, where you will have the person you love the most in your arms, hands in hands and gazes that are fixed only on each other!

Chocolates, Candies or Toffees? Which is the thing that can really impress your girl? Love experts say that nothing can beat a traditional red rose when it comes to touching a girl’s heart. Rose is an unquestionable symbol of love. And with its typical shape of a heart, strawberries have always symbolized the coming together of 2 hearts on this great day! The couples visiting the Ravine Hotel on the Valentine’s Day will be greeted with roses & strawberries at check in.

We also have a very romantic candle light Dinner for the couple. Though food is last on the minds of those deeply in love; we, at Ravine Hotel, ensure that our guests are served a highly appetizing, best quality meal that they will surely remember on every next Valentine’s Day they celebrate with their partner. Our in-house dining facility, famously called the Melting Pot, will be ready for you with courteous staff and aromatic foods.

The night doesn’t end here! There’s a lot more! We have also planned Valentine unique gifts for these couples. What can be better for a couple in love than to watch a romantic movie together? The package also includes a free romantic movie in a theater at 9 at night.

The Ravine Hotel, even in the past, has come up with unique Valentine celebration ideas and with every year it has upped its entertainment quotient by giving better facilities to the guests. We ensure that you get to spend quality time with your significant other to make the day the most memorable in your life.

Click here to book now

End Of Super Series Tennis Tournament Under-12

Ravine Hotel
Super Series Tennis Tournament Under-12

Yes, the Super Series Tennis Tournament and Doubles has called it a ‘pack up’ today. It has indeed been a wonderful tournament that has been graced with some of the most talented players from all over India. The success of the tournament means a lot to the Ravine Hotel owners and staff and everyone is truly proud to have put through a great show for both, the players as well as the spectators.

Why This Tournament Was So Special?

This Super Series Tennis Tournament was indeed special. For one thing, the Ravine Hotel tournament entry roster had broken all records with a phenomenal turnout of over a hundred players having enrolled for the qualifiers.

As the qualifiers heat died down, you’d have thought that it would have calmed down a bit. Oh, but everyone was so wrong, for as the top few made it through the main rounds, the excitement was palpable. There were enthusiastic spectators encouraging their stars and the frenzy really got to everyone. One could actually see the competitions heating up in the crowds as well.

The Real Stars of This Super Series Tournament

While everyone who participated in all the fun and excitement is a star in our eyes, we must definitely acknowledge the winners who have progressed through multiple rounds and beaten all odds to lift the trophies.

We congratulate the following winners, who will be going home with beautiful silver trophies tonight:

  • Boys Singles Winner: Choudary B Ritvik.
  • Boys Singles Runners Up: Das Terence Prahil.
  • Girls Singles Winner: Jain Mahak.
  • Girls Singles Runners Up: Shaikh Humera.
  • Boys Doubles Winner: Das Terence & Garud Neil.
  • Boys Doubles Runners Up: Patel Kevin & Patel Krish 
  • Girls Doubles Winner: Deepya Sai & Mahak Jain.
  • Girls Doubles Runners Up: Rachapudi Prathyusha & Shaikh Humera.

This year, the frenzy of these championships really caught us all. From the ball boys and the referees, to the participants and their families and friends, from the hotel staff to the masseurs at the Serenity Spa, everyone was in on the excitement.

And to top it, everyone will be going home with a smile tonight, simply because they have all enjoyed the Ravine hospitality and simply because this will definitely be one of the best times they have ever had.

View images of this tournament: click here 

To book your fun holidays click here

Super Star Tennis Tournament Under 12

Ravine Hotel Panchgani & MSLTA Under 12 Tennis Tournament

  • Quarter Final  to be played on  30th January 2013 at Ravine Hotel Tennis Court
  • Final to be played on 31th January 2013
  • The Location of tournament is Sydney Point, Panchgani Road, Maharashtra, India
  • Kids under 12 have to qualify to play in main draw, list of qualifying round are attached
  • The Tournament will be Singles and Doubles
  •  Entry fee is 400Rs for singles and 500Rs for Doubles
  • There will be no qualifying rounds for girls U-12.

Main Draw wild cards given to

  1. Nihal Kothari
  2. Arjun Jashnani
  3. Siddharth Sable
  4. Rayyan Sayyed

You Can Download the list form here :
Quarter Final Draw List
1) Boy’s Semi-Final Draw List

 2) Girl’s Semi-Final Draw List

Doubles Maindraw List
1) Boy’s Double Finalist

2) Girl’s Double Finalist


Announcing the End of A Glorious Competition!

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Yes, the AITA Men’s singles and doubles championship has called it a ‘pack up’ today. It has indeed been a wonderful tournament that has been graced with some of the most talented players from all over India. The success of the tournament means a lot to the Ravine Hotel owners and staff and everyone is truly proud to have put through a great show for both, the players as well as the spectators.

Why This Tournament Was So Special?

This AITA tennis tournament was indeed special. For one thing, the Ravine Hotel tournament entry roster had broken all records with a phenomenal turnout of over a hundred players having enrolled for the qualifiers.

As the qualifiers heat died down, you’d have thought that it would have calmed down a bit. Oh, but everyone was so wrong, for as the top few made it through the main rounds, the excitement was palpable. There were enthusiastic spectators encouraging their stars and the frenzy really got to everyone. One could actually see the competitions heating up in the crowds as well.

Oh and did I forget to mention the other special thing about this year’s championship? We had one more tennis court this year. Working round the clock to get the new addition ready in time for the tournaments really did pay off, as players were able to play and practice to their heart’s content. Players were even seen working up a sweat late evenings and early mornings, getting a good feel of how the Panchgani tennis courts play under lights.

Oh and one more thing, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and some other big and small stars were gracing the Ravine Hotel at this time of the year. Many tennis players and families even got glimpses of them as they shuttled in to and fro from their shoots. Players took it as inspiration and spectators thanked their lucky stars, but for us, it definitely meant that this year’s tournament time was truly special.

In fact, Salman Khan was even gracious enough to give our young little ball boys a photo shoot to remember. If you missed the occasions, you sure may want to mark down all the future Ravine Hotel tournaments on your calendar for the next times.

The Real Stars of This AITA Tournament

While everyone who participated in all the fun and excitement is a star in our eyes, we must definitely acknowledge the winners who have progressed through multiple rounds and beaten all odds to lift the trophies.

We congratulate the following winners, who will be going home with beautiful crystal trophies tonight:

  • Singles Winner: Rohan Gide
  • Singles Runners Up: Sharma Arpit
  • Doubles Winner: Sameer P and Mankad B.
  • Doubles Runners Up: Gurvinder M and Choudray A

This year, the frenzy of these championships really caught us all. We even had a couple of our own participants in this tournament. From the ball boys and the referees, to the participants and their families and friends, from the hotel staff to the masseurs at the Serenity Spa, everyone was in on the excitement.

And to top it, everyone will be going home with a smile tonight, irrespective of whether they have won or lost and irrespective of whether they have encountered a star or not, simply because they have all enjoyed the Ravine hospitality and simply because this will definitely be one of the best times they have ever had.

View images of this tournament Click here
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Men’s Tennis is back at Ravinehotel

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We at the Ravine Hotel are pleased to announce the AITA Men’s Open, an annual tennis event. Yes, the Ravine Hotel is having its share of the tennis pie. This event trails the back to all of our past successes as we have held the honor of hosting this tournament for the last 9 odd years. 2003 saw the first of such tournaments at Ravine and now that the Ravine Hotel has added one more pristine tennis court to woo in the top players, here’s what this year’s tournament has in store for you:

  • Players from the top of the AITA tennis ranking will be competing together with newcomers and upcoming talent. Tennis of the highest class will on display right here in the valley.
  • This is a fantastic push for tennis in India as the tournament will be an all India event with players from all regions participating for the grand prize.
  • With a total prize money of Rs. 50,000, this tournament is truly lucrative for the big boys in tennis.
  • In line with the Ravine tradition, the tennis club players and indeed the onlookers can definitely expect some start glamour, maybe some celebrity chief guests?! Well, keep your fingers crossed because you never know.

Where else will you get such a tennis playing location with green valleys overlooking the waters of the Dhom Dam and 4 International Class tennis courts with each one having its own unique view to admire. Where else can you practice other than the tennis court adjoining the valley where strong winds play against you and teach you to adjust with the bounce that equals the kookaburra bounce at the Wanderers in Johannesburg. It is definitely not just the tennis or the prize money, but also the locations that will get you in the competitive mood right from the word go.

What’s More?

With such a competitive event taking place on the Ravine grounds, we couldn’t help but make the occasion even sweeter for you. Here’s more of what we have in store for you.

  • All tennis player hotel room bookings can enjoy a 15 percent discount on the room tariff.
  • We give a waiver on the gym use costs to all tennis players here for the tournament so feel free to use the gym facilities while you are here.
  • We extend a spa treat for the players and their families by offering them a 15 percent discount on any spa treatments on spending Rs. 1000 or more at the in-house Serenity Spa.

We welcome you to come and watch the next tennis tournament at the Ravine Hotel or participate yourself and improve your AITA tennis ranking. We welcome you to come an experience a slice of tennis in India and enjoy competitive tennis in the truly scenic Panchgani valley.

Take this tennis event as an invitation to visit Panchgani and experience the closeness to nature. Come play, watch or just sit back and enjoy for the Ravine Hotel is just the right place to unwind.

For more details on registering for the event contact MSLTA Website 

Tribute to Freddie mercury

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I play the game but to my real shame
You’ve left me to dream all alone…
– Lyrics of  The Great Pretender…  


A tribute to Freddie Mercury
King of Music – Late Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury (Queen) is one of the most iconic figures in the world of music. A unique voice that swooned a multitude of fans, Freddie has a cult following that transcends age, nationality, religion and sex. Freddie had his unique style and his music reflected a persona that believed in living life on his own terms. A pilgrimage through Freddie’s memorable life shows that his creativity was profoundly influenced by the various aspects that surrounded him from time to time. St. Peter’s in Panchgani was one of his first steps in the realm of music as well as a significant influence on his musical creations.

A Pilgrimage of Freddie Mercury’s Life (Early Life in Panchgani)

Freddie's childhood days
Freddie Childhood days

Freddie Mercury was born as Farrokh Bulsara on September 05, 1946, in the East African nation of Zanzibar. It was then a British colony and young Farrokh’s father was employed as a British Civil Servant. Farrokh’s ancestral family were from Valsad, Gujarat – a state in Western India and a place from which the family adopted their name. Followers of Zoroastrianism, Farrokh’s parents were quite well off, often participating with little Farrokh in various social gatherings of Zanzibar’s significant Parsi community. These were Farrokh’s first few brushes with music. He was an entertainer even at that young age and would be happiest when he was singing and entertaining the crowd. African culture had an impact on his music but his true calling came when Farrokh went to India.

Farrokh Bulsara becomes Freddie Mercury – The Queen’s Cradle of Music

Freddie as a school boy
Freddie Mercury in school

St. Peter’s was where Farrokh Bulsara transitioned into Freddie Mercury. Nicknamed by his schoolmates, Freddie was the name with which he was known throughout his life (even by his family). Panchgani – a beautiful hill station, some few hours from the economic hub of Mumbai, India – had all the ingredients to let young Freddie’s creativity flourish. Freddie came to St. Peters when he was 8 years old. This boarding school was steeped in British conservative culture, with indiscipline and lack of etiquette being frowned upon. But, it also encouraged students to pursue creative activities. Young Freddie flourished in this environment and his musical skills received excellent support from everyone.

Panchgani & Freddie Mercury

Freddie Jamming with Hectics
Hectic- Freddie’s First band in Panchgani

Not only was St. Peter’s providing him proper motivation; Panchgani’s scenic environs were also ideal for him to focus his creativity on music. As an individual, Freddie was an introvert, shy character; but once on stage his entire character transformed. Academically Freddie was average and did much better at sports. He had a tenacious drive and it was clearly visible in whatever he did. Music was what made Freddie Mercury the star of Panchgani and this is where his first music band was born in Panchgani. Known as “The Hectics”, Freddie and his mates would cover various rock ‘n roll hits of that time. With an excellent aptitude to music, Freddie could easily perform with any instrument and would often play hits even if he had heard them only once. At Panchgani, St. Peter’s, Freddie would regularly tune to the Indian radio station, ‘Vividh Bharti’, that would play Bollywood numbers. Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar songs were his local favourites and he would regularly sing them along with international rock hits. Even his music as Queen or those tracks developed after he became famous; certainly show influences of these musical beginnings in Panchgani.


Freddie Mercury, St. Peters and Ravine Hotel – the best place to stay when you visit Panchgani for a trip to Freddie’s musical birthplace!

Ravine Hotel pancgani
Best Hotel in Panchgani

St. Peter still stands, nestled in the picturesque settings of Panchgani. Absolutely stunning landscape; excellent weather conditions throughout the year; away from hustle and bustle of city traffic, Panchgani offers a beautiful outing for tourists throughout the world. A few hundred kilometres from the financial hub of Mumbai, a tour to Panchgani is a serene, comfortable drive due to its excellent road connectivity. St. Peter gets Freddie Mercury’s fans from all over the world, visiting to see the place where their hero was initiated into the world of music.


Freddie’s fans consider it as a must-see pilgrimage to take in the setting that started his amazing journey and most of those that have visited St. Peter’s, consider Hotel Ravine as the best place to stay in Panchgani. St. Peter’s is hardly a stone’s throw away from Ravine Hotel and guests can comfortably visit it as often as they like. Hotel Ravine assures a comfortable stay along with world-class amenities in a setting that offers stunning views. Apart from this, there are other exciting activities to do and places to visit (browse through our site) that can make this an entirely unique experience for everyone. So we invite all Freddie Mercury / Queen fans to the Ravine Hotel, to enjoy the feeling of living in the same setting in which Freddie initiated his musical journey.



Junior Tennis Tournament

Updated on 9th June 2012.


Results – 9th June 2012

Boys and Girls Under 12: Qualifying Rounds

Boys U-12 : First Round

  1. Siddarth Sable(MH)         Beat   Kaplesh Khandge(MH)                {8-1}
  2. Abhishek Shukla(MH)     Beat   Trimbakersh Dayanand(MH)           {8-2}
  3. S Bhoopathy(TN)              Beat   Ahaan Melmane(MH)                             {8-0}
  4. Nihal Kotari(MH)              Beat   Arjun Patil(GJ)                                          {8-0}
  5. Sanskaar Choubey(GJ)   Beat   Nitin Nagaraj Reddy(KAR)                 {8-3}
  6. Pradyumna Nanekar(MH)  Beat   Amaan Tezabwala(MH)                    {8-1}
  7. Rahul Verma (MH)            Beat   Saayed Rayyan (MH)                             {8-7(5)}

Boys U-12 : Final Round

  1.  Siddarth Sable(MH)          Beat   Sanket Rukadikar(MH)(Seed-1)        {8-5}
  2.  Abhishek Shukla(MH)      Beat   Prasanna Bagade(MH)(Seed-2)      {8-3}
  3. S.Bhopathy(TN)                   Beat   Vikram Patil(MH)(Seed-3)                    {8-3}
  4. Ankit Patel (GJ)(Seed-5)   Beat   Nihal Kotari(MH)                                   {8-7(4)}
  5. Sanskaar Choubey(GJ)       Beat   Jashnani Arjun (MH)        (Seed-6)    {8-7(6)}
  6. Nikhil Pradhan(MH)(Seed-4)  Beat   Girish Choublay(MH)              {8-3}
  7. S.Saran(TN)(Seed-7)             Beat   Pradyumna Nanekar(MH)          {8-2}
  8. Aaskash Bhujang(MH)(Seed-8)    Beat   Rahul Verma(MH)                    {8-3}


Girls U-12: Final Round

  1. Mokashi Neha(MH)                (Seed-3)            Beat   Kritika Singh(MH)                         {8-3}
  2. Parade Ashwaghanda(MH) (Seed-4)            Beat   Parathe Sanskruti(MH)               {8-0}
  3. Richa Chougule(MH)             (Seed-5)            Beat   Aher Salsa(MH)                              {8-6}
  4. Anaya Thorat(MH)                                              Beat   Sachi Kulkarni(MH)(Seed-6)     {8-4}
  5. Sagade Shreya(MH)               (Seed-7)            Beat   Thorat Avyakta(MH)                    {8-5}
  6. Mudaliar Dharana(AP)         (Seed-8)            Beat   Priya Nayak(Kar)                            {8-4}