Valentine Day Celebration 2015

Valentine Day Celebration 2015

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, a day to show family and friends how much you love and appreciate them. Here at Ravine Hotel, we also see Valentine’s Day as a perfect opportunity to “To wear your heart on your sleeve” and let everyone know how you feel about that special someone.

Valentine’s Day gives us occasion to renew your love with that someone special who captured your heart. Greek and Roman mythology are ripe with stories of love and adventure, at Ravine we will help you re-write your love story this Valentine’s Day.

So, The Ravine Hotel in Panchgani has come up with an idea to give couples, an opportunity to celebrate the day away from the bustling noisy crowd of the city.

A Valentine’s Day event is being held at the Ravine Hotel in Panchgani. It will be celebrated on the 14th of February; obviously!!! The event is aptly called ‘Create Memories for a Lifetime With You!’

Ravine Hotel is a truly peaceful, romantic and scenic part of the world, situated at a very convenient location for couples in Mumbai and Pune. Couples can truly celebrate their love at this venue, far away from everyday stress, strain and pollution.

Valentine’s Day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, confectionery, greeting cards or giving a key to their lover “as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart”.

You want to do every possible thing to make your partner happy. But, it’s not easy to decide what exactly can impress your partner. Is it chocolates, candies or toffees? You may think giving roses to be too traditional. But, no! Nothing can beat a traditional red rose when it comes to touching a girl’s heart. It is an unquestionable symbol of love. Strawberries can also do the trick of finding a way to the girl’s heart. With their typical heart shape, strawberries symbolize love! The couples visiting the Ravine Hotel on Valentine’s Day will be greeted with strawberries and a red rose at check in.

Your Valentine’s Day can not be complete without a romantic dinner. The courteous staff at our dining facility, popularly known as the Melting Pot, will be ready to serve you a delicious meal, which you will surely remember every time you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner.

There’s even more! We have planned a unique gift for couples deeply in love – a free screening of a romantic movie in our in-house theater at 9 PM. Rediscover your own love while you watch love unfold on-screen!

We are all unique, and when we find the one whose uniqueness is compatible with ours, we team up with him or her and call it “Love”. Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day at The Ravine Hotel to mark the uniqueness of our own special love.

The Ravine Hotel has always come up with unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And with every passing year, it has excelled its own entertainment quotient by giving better and more exclusive facilities to the guests. We ensure that our guests get to spend quality time in this romantic setting to make this day the most memorable in their life!

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