Under 14 National Series Tournament 2016

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A Tennis Nationals was held for the first time at Ravine’s long 12+ years of hosting All India Tennis Associations (AITA) this was also in conjunction with Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis association. The National Series Tennis Tournament ended today. It has indeed been a wonderful tournament that has been graced with some of the most talented players from all over India. The success of the tournament means a lot to the Ravine Hotel owners and staff and everyone is truly proud to have put through a great show for both, the players as well as the spectators.

Why This Tournament Was So Special?
This National Series Tennis Tournament was indeed special. For one thing, the Ravine Hotel tournament entry roster had broken all records with a phenomenal turnout of over a hundred and eighty players having enrolled for the tournament.

As the qualifiers heat died down, you’d have thought that it would have calmed down a bit. Oh, but everyone was so wrong, for as the top few made it through the main rounds, the excitement was palpable. There were enthusiastic spectators encouraging their stars and the frenzy really got to everyone. One could actually see the competitions heating up in the crowds as well.

The Real Stars of This Super Series Tournament
While everyone who participated in all the fun and excitement is a star in our eyes, we must definitely acknowledge the winners who have progressed through multiple rounds and beaten all odds to lift the trophies.

We congratulate the following winners, who will be going home with beautiful golden trophies:
Girl’s Singles:
Winner : Gargi Pawar (MH)
Runnerup: Bhakti Shah (TS)

Boy’s Singles:
Winner : Divesh Ghalot (HR)
Runnerup: Boopathy S. (TN)

Girl’s Doubles:
Winner : Richa Chougale (MH)
Winner : Ameek Kiran Batth (OD)
Runnerup: Gargi Pawar (MH)
Runnerup: Bela Tambarkar (MH)

Boy’s Singles:
Winner : Boopathy S. (TN)
Winner : Rajesh Kaman (TN)
Runnerup: Divesh Gahlot (HR)
Runnerup: Amaan Tezabwala (MH)

This year, the frenzy of these championships really caught us all. From the ball boys and the referees, to the participants and their families and friends, and the hotel staff, everyone was in on the excitement. We even had Super Star Nikitin Dheer (Dabbang 2 & Chennai Express Star) along with Haji Amin (Bollywood Director and Lagaan Star) hand out the Prizes and Trophies to the winner’s and runner up’s of the event.

And to top it, everyone will be going home with a smile, simply because they have all enjoyed the Ravine hospitality and simply because this will definitely be one of the best times they have ever had. Now we are gearing up for the 2nd Nationals for the Boy and Girls Under 16’s event. This is bound to be another great and exciting week. Come and support your favorite players.

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