Ravine Hotel Response to COVID-19

The safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates is of paramount importance to the Ravine Hotel Family.

We are closely monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the World Health Organization and Local & Municipal Government agencies.

In light of the current situation, our pool, gymnasium, salon, Spa and Wet areas will be closed until 30th June 2020. Restaurants will operate at the hotel, but may also be closed during certain times during the day; we request you to check with the team at the hotel for further details. The hotel has implemented these precautionary hygiene measures across our hotels based on instructions received from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the guidelines for prevention of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Q1. What are the safety procedures implemented at the hotel to ensure guest safety?
A. We have implemented the following procedures at the hotel.

  • Training at all hotels to keep associates up to date with the protocol prescribed by the Government of India for ensuring personal hygiene and combatting COVID 19.
  • Hotels are measuring body temperatures of all guests at the time of check-in, using non-invasive laser thermometers. The same protocol is followed for associates, and vendors that are supplying goods.
  • Repeated surface cleaning and sanitization of all areas, including increased access to alcohol-based hand sanitizers at prominent locations.
  • Social distancing measures to be followed in all areas of the property, and at the time of check-in.

Q2. Do you have a doctor on staff to help guests in case I feel sick?
A. Our team has been trained and we will have round-the-clock medical assistance and government health experts. We can immediately call a doctor to make a house call or take our guest to the hospital/health centre if required.

Q3. What about my refund of my previous booking?
A. The lock down has been a huge strain on the business, but we assure you that all refund requests will be processed in 15 to 20 days as soon as the business reopens. You may also opt to use the advance paid for your booking for any future booking (valid for 1 year) and the rate applied will be for the off-season rate*
*subject to availability

Q4. What is the Cancellations and Change of Bookings policy?
A. We understand that with the current lockdown and fluid situation of the Pandemic; polices keep changing, so we are trying to maintain a policy that ensures our guests don’t face any issues in case plans change or other issues arise at home or work.

  • Cancellation charges will be waived for bookings made for hotel stays till 30 June 2020. If you hold a booking for this period and wish to cancel or modify the booking, kindly initiate this change on our website or via email, at [email protected]
  • If you have booked through a travel agent or other third parties, kindly contact your booking provider for information on their cancellation policies.
  • If bookings are cancelled earlier than 48 hours prior to check-in, full refunds will be issued.
  • If bookings are cancelled earlier than 24 hours prior to the booking date, you can use the credit for future bookings.

Q5. Are all services active at the hotel?
A. We are working hard to stay compliant with all government regulations; therefore certain areas that are deemed unsafe for public use, like the swimming pool, gym, spa and salon will remain closed. There might be instances where some food services might be limited.

We hope that you are staying home and staying safe, your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us and we remain committed to being prepared to welcome you back at our hotel very soon!

Destination Weddings in Panchgani & Corporate Team Building Activities Here

Most people come to Panchgani to relax and enjoy the quiet, watch the birds, drink in the valleys and breathe in the fresh air. But that is not all that Panchgani has to offer. Panchgani is a hidden gem when it comes to having your dream destination wedding at a more manageable price. Panchgani is also a preferred corporate events destination, where companies can make mass bookings for their employees to stay, conduct seminars and throw in some fun, team building activities too. Ravine hotels offers excellent wedding and corporate event services in Panchgani.

Ravine Hotel

Ravine Hotel is an impressive Panchgani resort with modern facilities, and this is not just in terms of the lovely views but also in terms of state of art facilities. For weddings, Ravine Hotels offer fantastic deals that let you have your dream destination wedding in style. Panchgani is so much easier to travel to, then say Jaipur and Udaipur and it is also so much more fun in terms of climate. It is much cheaper to host a wedding here, not to mention that travel costs are cheaper too.

Wedding Facilities at Ravine Hotel

There are smaller halls for the smaller rituals and functions and a large hall that can accommodate 250 people. The actual wedding set up and seating can also be organized outdoors amidst the blue skies and flawless arrangements. The catering will also have people talking about it for long afterward, while the staff is well trained at handling odd requests of families and friends. A hair salon and a spa are both available right at the hotel, to pamper the bride and guests. Pre and post wedding parties, lights, photo-shoots and all other extracurricular activities can be just as easily organized here.

Corporate Events & Team Building

Similarly, Panchgani’s Ravine Hotel also offers holistic corporate packages for companies who’d like to bring their staff over for a seminar or for corporate team building activities. The main hall can be booked for seminars and even previous TedTalks have been conducted here. The spacious hall overlooks that Krishna Valley and gives people with business on their minds something other than agendas to look at.

Corporate Event Facilities at Ravine Hotel

The air-conditioned hall can accommodate 150 people. It also has a screen, other light and sound equipment and an AV system installed. Lighting and mics are organized with the package booked. Food and drinks can also be pre-booked and are all made fresh and in-house before the event. The success of events such as TedTalks Panchgani, Mahavet 2017 technical summit and other corporate events including Zee Awards lays testimony to the fact that Ravine Hotel’s organization is always spot on.

Team Building Activities in Panchgani

On the team building side, Ravine Hotel is the perfect place to be at, what with a game room for adults, tennis courts, trekking and hiking options, camping options, indoor theatre and halls for group activities, and even outdoor adventure activities.

Panchgani for Corporate Employees

Employees in desperate need of a break can relax and unwind here. In the company of office colleagues, Ravine Hotel provides  a corporate holiday that is not just fun and enjoyable, but also memorable to the point of being a talking point for months to come. Employees in need of adventure can explore the mountains and forests, go on hiking and trekking trips or even do some mountain climbing.

Others Offering The Same Services

Panchgani, being the hip and happening place for destination weddings and corporate events, it comes as no surprise that other Panchgani hotels and resorts offer similar services as those listed above. Saj Resort which is a 25-minute drive away from Ravine Hotel also offers similar facilities. It is a resort in Mahabaleshwar, a more touristy hill station just ahead of Panchgani. This Mahabaleshwar hotel has 78 rooms and offers vegetarian in-house dining. For enthusiasts, the hotel offers guided treks and climbs too.

Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa

Another few minutes ahead of Saj Resort if Mahabaleshwar’s own Le Meridien. Le Meridien hotels are not new to hosting weddings and neither are they new to hosting corporate events and organizing team building activities. Though slightly premium in the cost, Le Meridien is also a wonderful place to have a memorable wedding or conference that will leave an impression on all visiting guests.


Discover Table Land: Panchgani’s Sunset & Sunrise Point

Table Land, a 98-acre flat plateau that forms Panchgani’s highest point, is one of Asia’s largest mountain-top flatlands. Just a few kilometers away, Mahabaleshwar also has two flat lands but none as big nor as open as Panchgani’s Table Land. Table Land affords unobstructed views of the sunrise and sunset, panoramic views of the valleys and unending views of the green fir forests.

Facebook: Sunrise in Panchgani Valley – Ravine Hotel Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Historical Origins Of Table Land

Panchgani, loosely translated as five hills, has this volcanic plateau known as Table Land for its highest point at 4550 feet above sea level. The land is flat and large, offering clear views of the entire region, its valleys, and hills with no obstructions. The plateau has been formed naturally due to the seismic activity in the region, with the movement of tectonic plates raising this bit of land.

Wikimedia Commons: View From Table Mountain – CC-BY – Panchgani, India

The plateau is a part of the much larger Deccan Plateau. The entire plateau proudly displays its rusty red laterite rock and has at least two touristy caves Devil’s Kitchen and Tiger Cave. One wondrous thing about the plateau is that despite fertile soil, nothing ever seems to grow here, except a lone tree.

Facebook: Table Land Views – Ravine Hotel Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Sunsets & Sunrise Points

Table Land is a vast expanse of flat land at quite an altitude, so it figures that views of the sunset and sunrise are phenomenal from here. Overlooking the entire stretch of the Krishna Valley, Table Land is a photographers delight. There are no trees, no houses and no other obstructions to a stunning view.

Flikr: Panchgani Mahabaleshwar – Balaji Photography’ – 4.7M – Panchgani, India

Most tourists check the sunrise and sunset timings in advance and get there well in time to catch the moments. The evening does get a little crowded but considering the amount of land at your disposal, just a short walk with a friend can get to your own private viewing corner.

Facebook: Table Land Panchgani – Panchgani Lovers Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Table Land Activities

Table Land is teeming with activities for tourists, all year long. Since it tends to get extra windy here, experienced para-gliders are known to take off from here. Apart from these activities that are best left to the pros, Table Top has horse rides, buggy rides and camel rides for the casual tourists.

Facebook: Table Land Rides – Anant Kamble – Panchgani, India

Since the flat land stretches far and wide, taking a horse ride is your best bet of venturing out far and wide in search of great views and fabulous pics. Additionally, people also come here for mountaineering, trekking and rock climbing. There are a couple of merry-go-rounds for kids and many street food kiosks for adults who like their tummies full.

Facebook: Paragliders in Action – Ravine Hotel Panchgani – Panchgani, India

How to Get There

Table Land is just 12 minutes drive from the Ravine Hotel. If you like walking, you can also take a hike to Table Land from Ravine Hotel. If you go by car, the parking area is a little away from where all the fun and activities are, but considering how scenic this whole region is, people don’t mind the short walk.

Facebook: Table Land Panchgani – Ravine Hotel Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

The two caves Devil’s Kitchen and Tiger Cave are also at a walkable distance from the parking area and the walking paths are easy to navigate. Table Land provides panoramic views of valleys on all sides of its boundaries, so no matter where you walk, you are sure to find something to see. Especially during the monsoons, the lush green foliage, natural grass cover, and exciting waterfalls make Table Land a must-see for all.

Facebook: Table Land in Monsoon – Neha Adiga – Panchgani, India

4 Places For a Worry‑Free Panchgani Trip

Panchgani is a great vacation option, not just for people from Mumbai and Pune, but also for people from the rest of India and even abroad. After all, Panchgani has some of India’s best boarding schools! Yet, traveling to a new and unknown place can be hard, even in these Google-everything times. So here are three essential places that every person traveling to Panchgani, whether for recreation or otherwise, should wisely be aware of.


If you need to withdraw money, IDBI’s bank & ATM and the SBI bank & ATM are two of the nearest ones to Ravine Hotel. They are just 1km from the hotel and a scenic walk can take you there in under 10 minutes if you are into walking. The ATM can be accessed 24 hours a day if you wish to withdraw money. For other banking requirements, you can visit the bank in its operation hours.

Wikimedia Commons: 49024-SOS-ATM – Nenyedi at English Wikipedia – Panchgani, India

Panchgani Post Office

If you walk on the Wai-Panchgani road towards the Panchgani Market, it will take you less than 15 minutes to reach the local post office. Don’t expect the most modern facilities nor the most computerized systems, but this service place has some great people, always ready to assist you with your post. The post office and its entire vicinity including the market are always bustling with activity and are very clean and well-maintained.

Wikimedia Commons: India Post Letter Box – Niraj Hitesh Chauhan – Panchgani, India

Panchgani Police Station

Just a one minute from Panchgani Post Office and less than 15 minutes by walk from Ravine Hotel is Panchgani’s police station. You can file FIRs here and report pickpockets and nuisance creators. In case you need one, you can insist on talking to a female officer as well.

Website: Panchgani Police Station – Satar Police Website – Panchgani, India

Panchgani Bel-Air Hospital

Less than 2 km from Ravine Hotel and just a five minute drive away is the Bel-Air Hospital of Panchgani. Whether you need first aid or urgent emergency assistance, this hospital can help out on in-patient as well as an out-patient basis. This hospital has a 44-acre property and about 250 in-patient beds.

Website: Bel-Air Hospital – Aarju Foundation – Panchgani, India

Panchgani Sporting Activities for Fitness Enthusiasts

If you are a sports or fitness enthusiast, Panchgani is the destination for you. Most Panchgani hotels provide the general stuff, such as a gym, some outdoor sports like basketball or swimming, and some indoor sports including table tennis, air hockey, etc. However, if you are a serious enthusiast, you would probably like to go beyond these recreational sports and get some competitive action. Here are two sporting activities that you need to seriously look at.

The Panchgani Ravine Run

The Panchgani Ravine Run, or the Panchgani mountain marathon as it is more commonly known, debuted in 2016. It has since become a serious crowd puller for Panchgani. With exciting prizes, a fascinatingly scenic route and three different race options to choose from, that is hardly a surprise. Currently, there is the 21 km half marathon for runners over those over 18, the 10 km timed run for 16 and above and a 5 km Rainbow Run which is open for all with no age categories.

Facebook: Ravine Run – Ravine Run Mountain Marathon Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

The Route

The route is equal parts beautiful and motivating, as it is challenging and endurance-testing. The run starts at Sanjeevan School Grounds and runs the loop back to Panchgani, passing the famous tourist viewing spot Parsi Point. The 5 km run passes Tableland and Mala’s Resort and then takes a U-turn back to the starting point. The 21 km route continues ahead and turns back near Rajpuri Village. The running is often done on smaller, unpaved roads and has stunning valley views along the entire way.

Facebook: Ravine Run – Ravine Run Mountain Marathon Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Special Offers

Several hotels in Panchgani have come forward as accommodation partners for the Ravine Run, and this includes the Ravine Hotel. As a Panchgani Marathon runner, you can not just stay here at special rates but can also enjoy special customized packages. More information about the run, its prizes, its sponsors and its arrangements can be found on the Ravine Run website.

Facebook: Ravine Run Runners Enroute – Ravine Run Mountain Marathon Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Tennis Tournaments

Ravine Hotel in Panchgani has four official-sized tennis courts, where no other hotel in Panchgani offers even one. The fact that each well-maintained tennis court overlooks the emerald greenery of the Krishna Valley is an added bonus. With a total of 4 tennis courts, all well maintained and of international standards, you usually do not have to pre-book your time slots.

Facebook: Ravine Hotel Tennis Tournaments – Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association – Panchgani, India

Tournament Affiliations And Draws

Ravine Hotel is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association, and hence it holds regular tournaments here. As these tournaments are part of the Indian tennis circuit and count in terms of the ‘All India Rankings’ and ‘State Rankings,’ tennis players from all parts of India come and participate in these tournaments. Draws are standard: juniors, seniors, boys and girls. Tennis players and their families have a gala time here during the tournaments. While they perform in the tournaments by day, they enjoy the sights and sounds of Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar in the evenings and nights.

Facebook: Ravine Hotel Tennis – Panchgani, India

Panchgani Shopping Spots Worth Checking Out

A wise lady once said, “What’s a vacation without any shopping?” Well if a lady hasn’t said it yet, she’s definitely meant it quite a few times. Panchgani has some great shopping locations, not to mention some pretty exotic, local items to hunt and buy. Most of these Panchgani shopping places are just minutes from Ravine Hotel and make for a great walk in the evenings.

Rajesh Chana & Chikki

Just a five minutes drive from Ravine Hotel takes you to the Rajesh Chana & Chikki shop. As the name suggests, you get chana (chickpeas) and chikkis (a brittle, jaggery and sweet nut) here. Rajesh Chana & Chikki is a manufacturer and not a reseller, so the chikkis here are fresh. While the chikkis of Lonavala are more famous across Maharashtra, the Panchgani chikkis made here are enough to give them a run for their money.

Wikimedia Commons: Peanut chikki – Sarangbombatkar, Panchgani, India

Madhusagar Honey Centre

Madhusagar Honey Centre in Panchgani is just a five minute drive from the hotel and is alternatively an enjoyable walk. Good quality honey, in different varieties and variants, is available here. The displays and labels are clear and easy to understand as well, making it really easy for buyers to pick the product of their choice.

Pxhere: Honey Jars – Unknown – Panchgani, India

Devari Art Village

Devrai Art village, just 3 km from Ravine Hotel, is a spot you just cannot afford to miss while you are in Panchgani. For one, this Devrai Art Village is a great non-profit initiative that gives tribal adivasis a chance to showcase their craft while giving them a means of earning a livelihood. And for two, this is a way of passing heritage crafts passed down through generations, in a way preserving them and in a way giving them the limelight they deserve. Devrai Art Village is a great place to go for brass and iron works, learn how things are made and get a glimpse into the lives of these craftsmen. Patronizing this village gives you a chance to contribute to this greater cause, not to mention that you can shop till you drop and always leave with that one special piece that gives personality to your decor.

Website: Frog Musicians Singing On Rock – Devrai Art Village – Panchgani, India

Mapro Garden

While Mapro Garden is a well-known food joint just a short pleasant drive from Ravine Hotel, not many know that it is also a shop. You can come here to buy all kinds of Mapro products, from their fruit jellies and jams, to their juices and concentrates, or even their newer product extensions into luxury chocolates and bar mixes, at discounted prices. While Mapro is a much-loved brand all over India, and though its products are available just about everywhere, even online; buying them here is a great experience because you get free tastings. Oh and not to forget the discounts!

Facebook: Mapro Products – Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Zahi Butik

Ravine Hotel has its own in-house boutique for those who love to shop but would rather laze around enjoying the resort than get out in the heat and look around shops. Zahi Butik has a good collection of shawls, stoles, small souvenirs and leather goods such as well as bags, purses, wallets and belts.

Stock Photo: Zahi Butik – Javed Sunesra – Panchgani, India

Ravine Hotel Staff Tips

Do bargain when you are in Panchgani. In fact, if you are shopping for clothing items, such as shawls or stoles, you can get as high as 30 percent off the originally quoted price! When buying anything off the street, also pay particular attention to the quality, as not everything off the street here turns our to be great steal. When buying fresh fruits such as strawberries and mulberries, make sure that you try one beforehand.

Wikimedia Commons: Mahabaleshwar Strawberries – Adi250491 – Panchgani, India

Panchgani Fun: Activities For the Whole Family

Traveling as a family with kids always has different holiday dynamics especially when compared to holidaying as a couple or holidaying with friends. Finding activities that your kids will enjoy and finding places that your kids would love always takes priority. And finding such places is not always easy, so we make it easy for you here.

Sherbaug Theme Park

A nature lovers paradise, Sherbaug is essentially a theme park that also provides luxury tent rentals. You can follow secluded nature walkways at your leisure, or don your swimwear and head to the water park area. If these are too tame for you, get into the horror house! Then calm your nerves by strolling through the cactus gardens. The grounds have ducks, exotic birds, and even rabbits if your kids like that. There’s a tree swing too, so you can relive your own childhood.

Google: Sherbaug Water Park – Sherbaug Theme Park & Luxury Tents – Panchgani, India

Dhom Dam

If water sports are your thing, Dhom Dam should be on your itinerary. Dhom Dam is a 30-minute drive down the hill from Ravine Hotel but getting here is an absolute must if you like jet skiing, kite surfing (own equipment required) or just some normal, old-fashioned boating. The boat club on the banks of the dam also serves some tasty Maharashtrian food and the owners have a reputation of being very friendly and welcoming.

Website: Dhom Dam Kite Surfing – Ravine Hotel Website Admin – Panchgani, India

Velocity Go Karting

If you have a car, just follow the Wai-Panchgani road towards Mahabaleshwar and you should reach Velocity Go Karting in under 15 minutes. Velocity is a 10-acre amusement park with an outdoor go-karting track, an indoor arcade game area, and a great restaurant. The park is wheelchair friendly and hence a great place to go if you have kids but are traveling with elderly family. You can also take ATV rides here.

Website: Go Karting – Velocity Go Karting Website Admin – Panchgani, India

On Wheelz Amusement Park

An eight-minute drive from Ravine Hotel will get you to On Wheelz, an amusement park right in the heart of Panchgani. On Wheelz has roller coasters and rides for all ages, so no matter who you go with, you are sure to find something you enjoy there. There’s also a monorail that runs through the park. For kids who like adventure, there’s bungee jumping too. If you buy a package ticket, you can enjoy all the rides inside without having to worry about individual tickets.

Google: On Wheelz – Mazhar Surve – Panchgani, India

Tempt Your Taste‑Buds at These Panchgani Restaurants

For most holiday-makers, a great holiday is one which also takes them on a memorable culinary adventure. A feast for the taste buds is always appreciated by guests, irrespective of the main reasons behind their vacation choice. Keeping that in mind, the location of our Panchgani resort is a perfect one of sorts. Because at Ravine Hotel, you can just as easily dine in at the Melting Pot restaurant or find other equally good options just a short drive away.

Melting Pot

Ravine Hotel’s in-house dining experience at the Melting Pot is an interesting one. You are left with a tough choice – whether you should admire the view or if you should appreciate the food first. Melting Pot is a multi-cuisine restaurant that has a wide collection of tasty Asian recipes (including North Indian and Hyderabadi), and an equally interesting menu featuring Italian and Mediterranean dishes. The desserts and fresh cakes are tempting as well. You can choose to dine indoors or you could have your food outside amidst the quietness of the valley and the occasionally drowning fog.

Facebook: Melting Pot Outdoor Dining – Ravine Hotel Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India

Mapro Garden

Mapro Garden provides such an unforgettable culinary experience that it is actually a must-visit tourist spot for every vacationer in Panchgani! Enjoy freshly baked bread sandwiches that are made right in front of you in an open concept kitchen, and made-from-scratch pizzas that are baked in an authentic brick oven. Mapro Garden offers food lovers many delights. Of course, the standard fresh strawberries with cream and hand-churned ice cream are a must before you leave.

Stock Photo: Italian Delight Pizza – Sayali Patil – Mapro Garden, India

Rustom’s Strawberry Inn

If you have a car, it will take you less then 15 minutes to reach Rustom’s Strawberry Inn from Ravine Hotel. It is best to go when you are famished because the food will leave you licking your fingers and plates. If you are bored with the usual biryanis and naans, this cozy, outdoor diner serves authentic Parsi food. This clean and simple, no-frills place serves a killer vegetarian dhansak and chicken sali.

Wikimedia Commons: Vegetable Dhansak with Brown Rice – Aparna Balasubramanian – Panchgani, India.

Get Outside: Jogging & Hiking Trails in Panchgani

If you want to enjoy but not at the cost of your fitness, the best way is to combine the two. Go sightseeing on foot or hire a bicycle. There are quite a few visit-worthy destinations at the manageable distance from Ravine Hotel. Just pick up a water bottle and your camera, and just start walking.

Sydney Point

This is the closest tourist viewing spot to Ravine Hotel. In fact, you can easily see it from one of the corner rooms. During monsoons, when everything is green, the climate is windy and the temperature pleasant, you would want to hike here every single day. The view of the valley is just magnificent during the day and the stars are simply stellar during the night.

Sydney Point Facebook: Sydney Point – Ravine Hotel Facebook Admin – Panchgani, India.

Kedareshwar Temple

Just a 15-minute walk down the Wai-Panchgani Road will bring you to this ancient Hindu temple. A plain and simple, unadorned Shiva temple, the Kedareshwar temple has a mystic side to it. It is said that this temple never runs dry of water. There is a continuous underground water supply through the Shivalinga and this water is accumulated in a lower trough. The water is so clean and pure that villagers even drink it. It is said that this water has pulled the villagers through many bad droughts.

Google: Kedareshwar Temple – Parth Lawate – Dandeghar, India

Harrison’s Folly

This one’s more for the cycling crowd or for the real serious hikers as this point is just under 4 km from the Ravine Hotel. A little risky during the monsoons when it gets windy, as the point has a sheer drop and no fencing. Harrison’s Folly is an open flatland viewing point that gives beautiful views of the valley. There is usually some arbitrary entry fee here, but there are also some activities here (such as go-karting and seasonal horse riding) that make it worthwhile.

Flikr: Harrison’s Folly – Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay – Panchgani, India

Gureghar Nature Trail

To get here, you need the car. A 25-minute drive from Ravine Hotel will get you to Gureghar Nature trail. You can park the car here and then go hiking. The trail starts just opposite Mapro Garden and leads up to triveni point, an elevated observation deck. Though it is a paved walking path, loose pebbles always find their way here. The path moves through thick and thin evergreen forests and is a wonderful experience to take.

Google: Gureghar Nature Trail – Harshal Bharambe – Panchgani, India

Welcome to Ravine Hotel Panchgani: Where Nature Meets Luxury

Ravine Hotel is a three-star luxury hotel overlooking the Krishna Valley. Ravine Hotel’s valley views are a hit with leisure guests, especially families, who visit Panchgani to escape the heat and pollution of nearby cities. It is also a big hit with business guests who come here to relax in the peace and quiet of this popular hill-station. Ravine Hotel’s team building activities also draw corporate employees, who come to enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues and participate in group adventures.

About Panchgani And Nearby Neighborhoods

Situated just a few hours from the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Pune, Panchgani is the preferred hill retreat for the city-weary holidaymakers. From trekking and hiking routes to points like Sydney Point and Parsi Point to adventures sports and water sports at the Dhom Dam, Panchgani has something for everyone.

Wikimedia Commons: Dhom Dam – Solarisgirl – Panchgani, India

Wai, which falls on the way to Panchgani has places like Mapro Food Park and Mahaganapati Mandir, Wai too. Panchgani is also just a short distance away from another beautiful hill station, namely Mahabaleshwar. In short, a stay at Ravine hotel in Panchgani gives you a plethora of recreation options to choose from.

Website: Ravine Hotel Website – Dhom Dam – Ravine Hotel Website Admin – Dhom Dam, India


Ravine Hotel offers rooms as well as camping tents. The ground floor, the ground floor premium and executive rooms can each lodge four people. All the other rooms, namely the East Side rooms, the Junior Executive room, the Valley Side rooms and the Valley Side Plus house two people each. All the rooms have comfortable king size beds and tasteful decor, not to mention unique rocks slab walls.

Website: Ravine Hotel Room – Website Admin – Panchgani, India


With regards to tents, The Emperor’s Tent, which houses six people, has a private deck and an infinity edge plunge pool. The King’s Tent houses four people, while all the other tents, namely Queen, Prince, Princess and Eagle Tents house two occupants each. Each tent is private and offers luxury despite the rustic, outdoor camping feel.

Website: Ravine Hotel Tent – Website Admin – Panchgani, India

Food & Services

The Ravine Hotel’s restaurant, The Melting Pot, serves up delicious food, thanks to expert chefs who are experienced in preparing authentic Moghlai, Chinese and South Indian food. There is also breakfast buffet spread for those who prefer variety to a la carte. Guests swear by the ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ soft naan and butter chicken available here. You can choose to dine indoors and enjoy your company or dine outdoors and breathe in the valleys. You can also check out the other nearby dining options in Panchgani.

Website: Melting Pot Outdoor Dining – Website Admin – Panchgani, India

Other Amenities

Additionally, Ravine Hotel has its own souvenir shop, an on-premises spa, and an on-premises hair salon. It also has an indoor entertainment room, a swimming pool and a large, well-stocked gymnasium. If tennis is your thing, Ravine Hotel has four international-standard tennis courts. Ravine Hotel also has its own art gallery, which showcases the talent of one of its owners. In short, Ravine Hotel has everything you might need to keep busy indoors, should the weather play spoilsport on your holiday. Ravine Hotel’s location also makes it easy for your experience some of Panchgani’s fitness and sport activities.

Website: Ravine Hotel Gym – Website Admin – Panchgani, India

How to Arrive

Pune International Airport is the airport closest to Panchgani. It is roughly a two and half to three hour drive from the airport to any Panchgani hotel. The drive takes you through the beautiful Western Ghats. You can also get to Panchgani from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It is a four and a half to five hour drive, depending on traffic conditions. Air conditioned buses also ply to and fro from both Mumbai as well as Pune, but they take longer. If you are traveling to Panchgani, keep these traveling tips and essentials in mind.

Wikimedia Commons: Mumbai International Airport – Karthik Nadar – Mumbai, India

If you like to arrive in style, Deccanair offers helicopter services to reach Ravine Hotel in a faster manner and with views to die for. Ravine Hotel is one of the few premier hotels to provide its guest with helipad services.

Website: Ravine Hotel Helipad – Website Admin – Panchgani, India

Extraordinary Attractions Under an Hour’s Drive from Panchgani

Panchgani has so many places to see and experience that holidays here usually just fly away. But if you have the mood and time for slightly longer drives, the destinations are just as beautiful as the drives. There is just so much variety here. From scenic view spots to religious sites and amusement parks, you get everything here.

1. Venna Lake Boat Club

About 45 minutes from Ravine Hotel, following the Panchgani Mahabaleshwar road, you reach Venna Lake. This pristine blue lake is Mahabaleshwar’s pride and glory. You can peddle boat here, or row your own boat if that’s what you prefer. There are horse and camel rides in the vicinity. Scrumptious street food is everywhere and all this is right there in nature’s lap, with the free birds and bees all around.

Wikimedia Commons – Venna Lake – Ganesh G (Ganeshrg) – Mahabaleshwar, IndiaWikimedia Commons – Venna Lake – Ganesh G (Ganeshrg) – Mahabaleshwar, India

2. Parsi Fire Temple

On the way to Venna Lake, you can check out the Parsi Fire Temple, which is right on the road on the Wai-Panchgani Road, next to Il Palazzo. Initially, Panchgani’s Parsis had their Fire Temple near the graveyard, but after a generous contribution by one Mr. Seth Nanabhoy Choksy the current Fire Temple was constructed.

Web: Parsi Fire Temple – – Panchgani, IndiaWeb: Parsi Fire Temple – – Panchgani, India

3. Mahaganapati Mandir, Wai

The Mahaganapati Mandir in Wai is about a half hour drive from Ravine Hotel. It is a peaceful and serene temple by the banks of the river Krishna but it is better known for the massive Ganesha idol (Dholya Ganapati) that resides there. Built during the time of the Peshwas this historical temple has stood tall proudly, paying no need to passing time. It is still well maintained and the modak prasads on Chaturthis will have you going there again and again.

Google: Mahaganapati Temple – Mayur Panchamia – Wai, IndiaGoogle: Mahaganapati Temple – Mayur Panchamia – Wai, India

4. Mapro Food Park

Thirty minutes from Ravine Hotel, on the Wai-Surur Road, is Mapro’s Food Park. This is one of Mapro’s factories and factory tours can be availed to get a glimpse into the processes that go into making their products, namely jams, jellies, chocolates and syrups among others. There is a small theatre that plays the Mapro story for those who wish to know. The cafe area has delicious sandwiches and pizzas, and you can end your trip with a tour of the shop. The shop allows you to taste all Mapro products before you buy them.

Facebook: Mapro Food Park – Facebook Admin – Wai, IndiaFacebook: Mapro Food Park – Facebook Admin – Wai, India

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Ravine Hotel is proud to announce the successful completion of the first ever TedX Event to be held in the Satara District.

This event, held on 13 January 2018 at Ravine Hotel Conference Hall, saw a line-up of illustrious Speakers such as Kunal Kapoor,
Piyush Pande, Aditi Govitrikar, and many others, from Panchgani as well as all over India.

The Event was extremely well received by the audience, who was highly appreciative of the entertaining, motivating and inspiring talks delivered by the Speakers, and thoroughly enjoyed the lunch, prepared by a Celebrity Chef from Mumbai

It has also been live-streamed on You Tube to reach a world wide viewership.

Please click the link below for more details.