Budget Birthday Party for Girls

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Whether your daughter is turning 1 or 18, as parents you always want to make sure that every birthday of your precious girl is cherished. However, making these events memorable doesn’t necessarily mean spending loads of money. Birthday parties can be a hit even if you have a tight budget to stick to.

Right from the initial stage of selecting a venue, sending out birthday invitations, to the food, decor  etc. given below are some amazing birthday party ideas for girls which are economical yet classy:

Choosing a Location:
Deciding on a venue is a prime task and moreover daunting too, since venues come at a high price. What if you were aware of some cool places available free of cost? Take a good look at these free birthday party venues which are apt for all age groups:

  • Your own house, lawn or backyard is a great option for hosting parties.
  • Homes of relatives or close friends.
  • If you are member of a club that has a pool, you can throw a neat pool party with sufficient supervision.
  • Public parks are a favored spot by several families looking to hold birthday bashes. You can put up tents or place tables for a nominal fee.
  • Beach or lake with a picturesque view.

You can also look at beautiful places such as Ravine Hotel, which will indeed charge you certain amounts for your party but then they give you that fantastic party venue that will never be forgotten.

Decide an Apt Theme & Create Invites:
Although you’ll find a plethora of themes, it’s best to select one as per what your little girl’s likes. Work on a cartoon based theme if she’s a 5 year old Disney lover or a pop-star idea for teenage girls who are Beyoncé or Rihanna fans.
In case you wish to surprise her, listed below are some birthday themes for girls that are popular:

  • Princess themed celebration is a wonderful option. You can make a tiara with crystals to add to the birthday costume worn by your girl. Pastel colored cutlery is easily available and can be used later too.
  • Art and craft themes are inexpensive and a hit too wherein kids can make sketches and take them home. You may also reward the child with the best painting.
  • If you are organizing a party at the park, a Tinkerbell or woodland fairy theme would be a unique option.
  • Make sure all the activities such as games are centered on the theme that you choose. Don’t forget to play some peppy music to liven up the atmosphere.

Next up are the birthday invitations which need to be designed as per the selected theme. Do-it-yourself (DIY) invites are a big rage currently. They allow you to be innovative by giving your party an individual style and furthermore, cost lesser than standard invitations available in stores.

Take the help of family members, neighbors or friends to create them. Also, send them out at least 10-15 days in advance so that you know the number of people coming and accordingly make necessary preparations.

Cake and Food Arrangements:
Try making a cake yourself instead of ordering an expensive one from a cake shop. With so many food blogs, you are sure to get numerous tips and ideas on baking. Ensure that you sprinkle loads of candies and other edible decorations on top to make it look visually appealing.
Don’t fuss too much over the food. It’s more about enjoying the party and making her feel special. Keep it simple with some appetizers like nachos, hot-dogs  sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, nuggets with dips, pizzas, etc. which are easy to cook and low on expenses. Fresh fruit concoctions are quick to make and serve as great drinks. As for desserts, you already have the lip-smacking cake!
Birthdays are special occasions to shower all the love and attention on your daughter. And with these terrific yet cost-effective ideas for birthday parties, your princess will certainly cherish all her celebrations that make her a year older.

A Special Note
The Ravine Hotel Panchgani serves as a great venue for both outdoor terrace parties as well as indoor parties. The location is beautiful and overlooks the Dhom Dam valley, making your choice of party venue and instant hit with both the kids as well as their parents. Inquire about our rates today and we shall make you a good deal.

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